This is where I will list any 'known issues' and their status (and any workarounds.) If there is an issue not listed here, then please do let me know.

NB: If you are a user of the original iThoughtsHD app (with the largely blue icon) then you need to be here for more info.



Outstanding issues:

  • Dropbox file upload issue (some users are reporting that it no longer uploads files.) The 'fix' is described here.
  • Where is the keyboard toolbar thingy? 
    • I removed the cursor button toolbar in the latest update in favour of new iOS9 2 finger select trick - see



    Outstanding issues:

    • Mac AppStore Version
      • There is an issue with the Mac AppStore. An Apple generated ‘certificate’ recently expired (Feb 14th 2016) which resulted in many apps either failing to load or complaining about receipt validation. iThoughts will complain about receipt validation once per day, but otherwise the app will function  as normal. The solution (for iThoughtsX) is to choose the ‘Attempt Recovery’ option then enter your AppStore account details. This should result in the app being relaunched. You can then test it by opening the Advanced page of the iThoughtsX Preferences and click on the small button with a title of … (this should then pop a message indicating success)

        If it still fails then you can try deleting the app (then empty the trash) and redownload it from the Purchased section in the Mac App Store.

        Apologies for the inconvenience.

    • Direct Version
      • None currently


    Why the distinction between Mac AppStore and Direct versions?

    For an update to appear on the AppStore, it needs to be approved by Apple - and this usually takes just over a week :-(

    Releasing a new version to Direct customers takes me approximately 10 minutes.