So here I am - just returned from a 2 week vacation (Thailand - which is amazing by the way) to find that Mindjet has been acquired (never pretty!) and Novamind appear to be imploding?

I've been a little quiet over the past few months, but I thought now might be an opportune moment to let you know what I've been working on. See below for 2 screenshots (click to enlarge.)

On the left you can see the current Mac version of iThoughts. On the right you can see iThoughts running on Windows 10 :-)

I've been working on this for many months now and hope to release v1 later this year (2016.) It will work on Windows7 and later and will be 'touch enabled' but designed primarily for the desktop (mouse/keyboard)

The goal is to be 100% compatible with the iOS and OSX versions and to that end, the 'core engine' is already complete - but what remains (to be implemented) are a lot of UI stuff (configuration dialogs etc.)

I will be posting more progress updates over time and eventually have a beta testing programme. Until then, I'd love to hear your thoughts (at the usual address)




Posted on August 15, 2016 .

v3.9(OSX) and v3.7(iOS) Released

I'm pleased to announce that v3.9 of iThoughtsX (for Mac) and v3.7 of iThoughts (for iOS) are now live on the AppStore. These are significant releases with lots of new features - described below:


Adjustable Link Thickness

Link lines can now be either thin, medium or thick - click on the images below to see the difference.


Summary Relationships

Previously links were only one to many - now we can have many to one. See here for more details.


Additional Relationship Link Styles

In addition to summary relationship (above) there are 2 new styles:

  • Straight Line
  • Angled

See below left for a straight line example and below right for an angled example:

Multiple Layouts in a Single Document

You can now set the map layout and link style independently for each 'root map' within a document. This means (for example) you can have one map that is horizontally laid out and one map that is vertically laid out - in the same document. See below for an example:


Concept Maps

There are a bunch of new relationship features that enable concept mapping:


Process Maps

There are a bunch of new relationship features that enable process maps:


CMAP Import

iThoughts will now import (not export) CMAP concept maps (see http://cmap.ihmc.us) once they've been exported in .cxl format. See below for the CMAP help map in the CMAP tool (left) and how it looks after importing into iThoughts (right.)


Scapple Import

iThoughts will now import (not export) Scapple maps (see https://www.literatureandlatte.com/scapple.php) See below left for a Scapple map and below right for the iThoughts import.

...and there's more

In addition to the headline features above, there are a whole bunch of other tweaks:

  • Zoom level saved in ITMZ file
  • Improved random sort algorithm
  • Top down layout improved (fixed indent)
  • Align center option
  • Long press topic to select related topics
  • Long press relationship to edit
  • Select multiple relationships
  • SHIFT + double tap canvas to create new floater
  • SHIFT + double tap topic to create relationship
  • Drag/drop hyperlinks works the 'old way' (i.e. doesn't create a new topic)
  • KB shortcut for new related topic (CMD+ALT+ARROW)
  • KB shortcut to 'nudge' manually positioned topics (ALT+ARROW)
  • Improved map load time.


As always - any questions, suggestions or issues then please contact me direct 

If you have a minute then a glowing review on the iOS AppStore and/or the Mac AppStore is always welcome - and helps generate the sales that fund future updates. Thanks...


Posted on February 25, 2016 .

CMAP import support

The next update includes much improved support for 'concept maps' (many to many connections rather than the usual one to many hierarchy of a mind map.)

As part of this effort, the next version will import CMAP concept maps (see http://cmap.ihmc.us) once they've been exported in .cxl format. See below for the CMAP help map in the CMAP tool (left) and how it looks after importing into iThoughts (right.)

It's not a perfect translation since some of the concepts are different (pun intended) but it does get most of the data and structure translated.

If anyone has any CMAP maps that they'd like to send over, then I'd appreciate some 'real world' data to test with. I can then show you how it would/will look in iThoughts (just export as .cxl format and email it over.)


Posted on January 22, 2016 .

Straight Line Relationships

Another quick preview of another relationship link style I'm working on. This time it's straight line relationships. They go from centre to centre and always form a straight line - enabling the following type of diagram.

Coming soon...

Posted on December 23, 2015 .



Ever looked at iThoughts and wondered if you could risk spending over $10 on an app based on a few App Store screenshots and some five star reviews?

Wonder no longer. iThoughts2go is a FREE version of iThoughts (with one small caveat.) Download it now and take it for a spin...




That caveat I mentioned? Whilst maps of any size may be VIEWED - only maps with fewer than 20 topics may be AMENDED. 


Posted on December 14, 2015 .

Summary Relationships

Another quick 'Friday Preview' of a feature I'm working on. This time it's what I call 'Summary Relationships'. As you can see from the following diagram, this enables a 'many to one' relationship.

This has been a popular request over the years - but it's only now that I've finally figured out how best to do it (it's surprisingly difficult to design - I've failed on at least 2 previous attempts.) Anyway, the key ideas are as follows:

  • There is a new type of relationship link line - called a 'Summary Relationship'
  • When a summary relationship is created, then the target topic is then designated as a 'Summary Topic'.
  • A 'Summary Topic' is not subject to auto layout. This means you can move the summary topic to a position that is most appropriate for your map (see below)
  • There are no properties to set on a summary relationship. It adopts the same color as the target topic and its style is the same as the normal parent/child link (only in reverse!)


As for summary topics not being subject to auto layout - this enables the following type of diagram. Notice, also, how the same 3 topics can be 'summarised' twice. This is one of the advantages of using a relationship approach as opposed to having a dedicated 'summary' type feature.

Coming to a mindmap app near you soon...


Posted on December 11, 2015 .

Link thickness

I've spent the last few months working on 'supporting features' (iCloud, Multi-tasking, Spotlight Search etc.) and now it's time to give some TLC to the mind map itself.

First up - configurable link line thickness. Click on the images below to see fine, medium and thick link lines. Not a massive difference, but it changes the 'tone' of the map from 'precise' to more 'easy going'. 

Thick works especially well with rainbow colors and a more easy going font:

Coming soon....

Posted on November 25, 2015 .

Linked Maps

Quick preview of an update I'm working on.

Single click export of multiple linked maps. 

By way of example, I've taken the "iOS Tips" map and split it into multiple sub maps - all linked together (using the Cut -> To New Map feature.) 

Below you can see the folder containing all the sub maps.

I then used the (updated) export as website feature to kick out a website for the main tips map. Previously this would only export that one map - but in the updated version, it will open any and all linked maps and include them in the exported website also.


Click/Tap me to see the exported website.


...so that's 13 separate (but linked) mindmaps all exported in a single operation to create a website of linked maps.


...obvious next step is to do the same for PDF...


Click/Tap me to see the exported PDF




Posted on October 1, 2015 .

3D Touch Preview

A quick preview of the forthcoming iThoughts 3D touch integration - creating a 'Quick Thought' on an iPhone6s.

Posted on September 29, 2015 .