[UPDATE] Beta testing is now complete. However, if you'd like to test future versions, please sign up below.

If you'd like to take a beta of the next version of iThoughts (v3) 'for a spin' then I'd appreciate your help. I'm looking for people to use the app 'as normal' and report back anything odd. If you can spare the time, then please sign up below.

It should be pretty stable - but there is always the chance that a bug could trash your stuff - so please make frequent backups of anything important. 


Shortly after signup, you'll get an email with a link in it. This will prompt you to download an Apple app called TestFlight. This is like a mini AppStore app for beta software and it'll enable you to install iThoughts. If you already have iThoughts installed then it'll install the beta over the top (your maps are safe!) Once you've finished, you can simply download the AppStore version over the top (your maps are still safe.) All that said - I'd recommend doing an archive before installing :-)

NB: Requires iOS8.2 minimum.

Liability *
I understand that this is beta software and that it might 'trash my stuff'. I'm happy with this and promise not to instigate any legal shenanigans should the unthinkable occur.

So what's new in this version?

  • Multi tasking support (on iPad Air2 and iOS9 only)
  • Adaptability support (layout adjusts to take advantage of different screen sizes e.g. iPhone6+)
  • Search (search iThoughts maps from the system search screen on iOS9)
  • Handoff (open a map on your iPhone then resume that map on your iPad)
  • iCloud Drive support (save your maps into the iCloud folder and have them auto sync between iOS devices and your Mac.)
  • New rainbow colouring mode (better spread of colors)
  • Full screen edit mode.